Artificial intelligence: ChatGPT passes the Austrian Abitur

The chatbot ChatGPT managed to solve tasks from last year’s Austrian school-leaving examination with ease, as reported by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) on Thursday. And this despite the fact that an older version of the chatbot was used.

The chatbot ChatGPT has little trouble with the Austrian Abitur exams (called “Matura” in Austria), like the public broadcaster ORF reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the Lower Austrian state school student council gave the chatbot the math, English and German tasks for last year’s Abitur exam in Austria.

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US start-up Figure develops first humanoid all-purpose robot

The tool achieved a “sufficient” in German and mathematics and a “satisfactory” in English. In German, a teacher corrected the ChatGPT results, in mathematics and English the solutions were compared with the known solutions.

With the overall result, however, the tool for artificial intelligence would have passed the test. It was also emphasized that the solutions were developed with version 3 of the chatbot. A faster and significantly enhanced version is now available.

“It is a classic demonstration of our current technical status and also a demonstration that the education system is lagging behind a bit in our time,” he said
Spokesman for the Austrian General Education High Schools (AHS) Marco Gayer dem ORF with.

The development of chatbots like ChatGPT is now questioning the classic memorization in schools.

That’s why a petition by the student council of Lower Austria should start on this topic soon, like the ORF further reported.

The students are therefore demanding increased digitization and better equipment in schools and a reorientation of teaching towards other skills.

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