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Arrest of tribal leader fuels protests in Ecuador


A national strike has been taking place in Ecuador since Monday, with indigenous people protesting against social ills in the country. The protest came to a head after the arrest of a leader. For a time, protesters held a prosecutor hostage.

Indigenous people of Ecuador started their nationwide and indefinite protests against social ills on Monday. They blocked numerous roads and stopped long-distance traffic, among other things, by erecting barricades in several parts of the South American country. Tensions came to a head on Tuesday after authorities arrested the President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (CONAIE), Leonidas Iza.

The arrest took place near Pastocalle, in the Cotopaxi Province region of the center of the country. A video surfaced online showing officers dragging Iza from a car in the presence of his supporters and taking him away.

Ecuador’s Alliance for Human Rights has criticized the arrest as illegal and arbitrary. The organization pointed out that the whereabouts of the tribal leader had been uncertain for several hours. In addition, Iza was not informed of the reasons for his arrest or of his rights. The organization accused the government in Quito of criminalizing and prosecuting the right to social protest.

Ecuadorian armed forces continue to maintain order in prisons after the end of the state of emergency

Ecuadorian armed forces continue to maintain order in prisons after the end of the state of emergency

The prosecutor shared first of all to have learned about the arrest of the CONAIE boss from social media. Attorney General Diana Salazar Méndez has ordered provincial prosecutors to coordinate their actions with the relevant authorities to prevent illegal and arbitrary actions. Only ten hours after Iza was taken into custody by the police, received the authority of the police the relevant report.

The indigenous association has now announced radical steps to get its boss released. Residents of Jatarishun township, Cotopaxi province, held a prosecutor hostage for some time. However, the officer was released the same morning after negotiations between prosecutors and the municipality.

Protests against fuel prices in Ecuador: dozens of arrests at roadblocks and riots

Protests against fuel prices in Ecuador: dozens of arrests at roadblocks and riots

For his part, President Guillermo Lasso announced on Tuesday morning that the masterminds and masterminds behind the acts of violence committed during the national strike had been taken into custody. He didn’t mention Iza by name. According to Lasso, on the first day of the strike, a patrol was set on fire, agricultural producers were attacked, windscreens of cars and school vehicles were smashed and an oil pumping station was attacked. There was serious damage to the road infrastructure.

With their strike, the indigenous people want to get Lasso’s conservative government to comply with ten demands. Among other things, they demand a freeze on fuel prices, a moratorium on debt service for more than four million families, fair prices for agricultural products and respect for the right of indigenous peoples to self-determination.

This is not the first time that the indigenous association has called for mass strike action in Ecuador. The last time there was a mass protest against Lenin Moreno’s government was in October 2019. Eleven people died then. There were 1,340 injured and 1,192 arrested.

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