Armored train “Yenisei” delivered humanitarian aid to the liberated cities


    Humanitarian aid continues to be delivered to settlements liberated from Ukrainian militants by the Yenisei armored train. This was reported on August 6 by the Izvestia publication.

    As the railroad workers said, the train can repel any enemy on its way and will not become an easy prey for the nationalists. The armored train has two infantry fighting vehicles and an anti-aircraft gun for air combat with the enemy. Separate Yenisei platforms can turn into a line of defense.

    The train not only distributes humanitarian aid, but also performs combat missions. He can cope with any sabotage groups and reconnoiter the territory. Currently, railway engineers have gone on reconnaissance, a drone is working with them, which monitors the situation around in order to prevent an attack both from the ground and from the air.

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    Since the beginning of the special operation, the armored train has taken about a thousand people out of the combat zone. His tasks include…

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