Armenia reveals the number of Russians who moved to the republic in 2022

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Last year, about 110,000 Russians moved to Armenia, which helped the country’s economy. Minister of Economy of Armenia Vagan Kerobyan spoke about this.

“Net relocation for 2022 is approximately 108,000-110,000 citizens. That is, so many Russians came to Armenia and stayed permanently,” Kerobyan said in an interview with Vedomosti.

He noted that Russians register 500 individual entrepreneurs annually in the country. According to him, the influx of Russians increased Armenia’s GDP by 3 percentage points to 1.26%.

The majority of Armenians (75%) reacted positively to the influx of Russians into the country. Some Russians left Russia after the start of a special operation in Ukraine and partial mobilization. The State Duma announced its intention to raise taxes for those who left, reports “National News Service“. The Kremlin stated the need to create conditions for the return of citizens.


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