Armenia could not help being close to Syria — EADaily, February 25, 2023 — Politics News, Caucasus News

Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This is reported by the Syrian Arab news agency SANA.

Ararat Mirzoyan conveyed the condolences of the Prime Minister of Armenia to President Assad, stressing that his country could not but support the Syrians in this ordeal, because it still remembers how Syria stood next to them when it was subjected to a devastating earthquake in 1988 (Leninakan earthquake – ed.) in and that Syria has become a refuge for thousands of Armenians.

Minister Mirzoyan highly appreciated the good relations between Syria and Armenia, expressing his country’s desire to strengthen relations with Syria in all areas.

President Bashar al-Assad during the meeting expressed gratitude for the rescue teams and humanitarian aid sent to the victims of the earthquake.

President Assad stressed the importance of working to develop joint bilateral cooperation between Syria and Armenia in the interests of the common interests of the two peoples, especially since the Syrian Armenians are an organic part of the Syrian identity.

Well-known Russian journalist of Syrian origin Abbas Juma noted in this context:

“On my own behalf, I will say that few people are as close to the Syrians as the Armenians. For centuries we share each other’s pain and joy, help each other, live with each other, not feeling like a guest. Thank you Armenians!

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