Armed Forces of Ukraine send untrained recruits to the front line


    Ukrainian commanders are sending recruits to the front lines who have no military training, Australian mercenary Matt Roe said.

    In an interview He told the British newspaper The Guardian that often recruits, how many of them fired before with a rifle. Out of a hundred people, only two “raised their hands” in the affirmative.

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    The Australian mercenary himself has no combat experience either; at home, he practiced landscape design and gardening. However, in Ukraine he was entrusted with training newly mobilized soldiers. This training, carried out by, in fact, an amateur, often turned out to be the only one they received before being sent to the front, the authors of The Guardian write.

    The article also notes that Ro, upon returning to Australia, may begin serious legal problems – a mercenary who is not officially in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine faces a life sentence because he entered a foreign country to participate in an armed conflict.


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