“Are you with us or on your own”: Matytsin criticized Karpin and urged him to decide


Russian Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin criticized the statements of the head coach of the Russian national football team Valery Karpin on the eve of the match against the Iraqi team, who, in particular, said that he was not afraid of being fired and did not hold on to this post.

“The expression of indifference in sports is a road to nowhere. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly define: you are with us – the team, the fans, Russia, or you are on your own,” noted the minister.

Matytsin stressed that the head coach of the Russian national football team represents not only the team, but the whole country. It is this person, according to him, who is the authority and role model of worthy behavior. Each of his words gives the appropriate attitude to the athletes so that they proudly go to the match and give their best for the Russian flag, the head of the Ministry of Sports noted.


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