Archpriest Kozlov called it a pagan tradition to leave food on the graves on Radonitsa

During the Radonitsa, you should not leave anything edible on the graves, as this is a pagan tradition, while the memorial meal has a very clear purpose. This explanation was given by the chairman of the educational committee of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Maxim Kozlov.

Radonitsa is celebrated on Tuesday of the second week after the Resurrection of Christ. This is a special day of commemoration of the dead. The word “radonitsa” comes from the tradition of sharing Easter joy with the deceased. There is a tradition on this day or in the next to put in order the graves of the dead.

“The customs of feasts are to leave food and alcohol for the dead, especially pouring it on the grave, of course, pagan. We Christians do not believe that the deceased will crawl out of the coffin and eat. Also think that by leaving food on the grave, we will please the souls dead, at best, near-religious naivete. I would recommend not to indulge in such superstitions. At the same time, standing at the grave, praying, sitting down, having a bite to eat is not forbidden, “- reported Kozlov RIA Novosti.

He added that the process of holding Radonitsa is not regulated. It is allowed to sit at a table in the cemetery, while not littering. Kozlov also warned believers against excessive alcohol consumption. He recalled the words of Theodosius of Pechersk, who kept his contemporaries from the notion that “a cup for health or peace” could be something good.

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