Archana Gautam made serious allegations against Priyanka Gandhi’s PA, father said

Archana Gautam, who is in news for ‘Bigg Boss 16’, has made serious allegations against the personal advisor of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. Archana Gautam did a Facebook Live on Monday, February 27, in which she claimed that Priyanka Gandhi’s PA Sandeep Singh called her a ‘two penny woman’. Archana also claimed that Sandeep Singh threatened her during the Raipur session that if she sows more, she will be put in jail. Not only this, Sandeep Singh did not even allow Archana Gautam to meet Priyanka Gandhi recently. After this Archana Gautam went live on Facebook and made several allegations against Sandeep Singh.

Archana Gautam claimed that the entire Congress party is angry with Sandeep Singh. Sandeep Singh doesn’t have manners how to talk to women. At the same time, Archana Gautam’s father has also told the danger to the daughter’s life and said that anything can happen to Archana. That’s why Archana Gautam’s father has also demanded security for the daughter.

What is the whole matter?

Why did Sandeep Singh threaten Archana Gautam? What is the matter between the two? Let us explain the whole matter to you in detail. Archana Gautam contested the 2022 election from Hastinapur seat in Meerut on a Congress ticket. But she lost badly. Then Archana Gautam did not say anything. But Archana Gautam, who has been in constant headlines since ‘Bigg Boss 16’, kept Facebook Live on 27 February. In this, he accused Priyanka Gandhi’s PA Sandeep Singh. Claimed that Sandeep had threatened him during the Raipur session. Archana also said that the entire Congress party is angry with Sandeep Singh.

See what Archana Gautam said:

‘Women are not allowed to meet Priyanka’

In Facebook Live, Archana Gautam raised the question that why such people have been kept in the party? Archana Gautam said that such people are eating the party from inside and ruining it. He said that Sandeep Singh does not allow any woman to meet Priyanka Gandhi. He is hiding everything, everything from Priyanka Gandhi. Archana Gautam said that it took her a year to meet Priyanka Gandhi herself.

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Archana Gautam’s father told danger to daughter’s life

Archana Gautam said that she has not joined Congress party but Priyanka Gandhi. She came to Congress only because of Priyanka Gandhi. Archana Gautam again challenges Sandeep Singh that if he has the guts then he should put him behind the bars and tell. On the other hand, Gautam Buddha, father of Archana Gautam, in a conversation with ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ has demanded special protection, saying that his daughter’s life is in danger.

Navbharat TimesCounting 25 people arrived in Meerut to welcome Archana Gautam, people said – for this security was needed from DIG?

UP leader Archana Gautam, who returned from the Congress session, made serious allegations against Priyanka Gandhi’s PA Sandeep

Special security sought for Archana Gautam

Gautam Buddha said that his daughter’s life was in danger. The way and whatever things Sandeep Singh has spoken to his daughter, anything can happen to her. Archana Gautam’s father said that Sandeep Singh’s behavior with his daughter is very wrong. Sandeep Singh first called Archana to Raipur. She went there at her own expense and made all the arrangements herself. But then he was stopped from meeting Priyanka Gandhi. Archana Gautam’s father has said that now he will go against Sandeep from SCST Commission to PM and Women’s Commission and Human Rights Commission.

Archana Gautam was also ‘Miss Bikini’

Archana Gautam has not only been a leader but also an actress. In 2018, she was crowned as ‘Miss Bikini’. But he got tremendous popularity after ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Archana Gautam was among the top-4 in this show hosted by Salman Khan.

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