Arab League urges to stop Israel’s “Dawn” in Palestine


    The operation “Dawn”, which was launched by the armed forces of Israel, was condemned in the League of Arab States, the corresponding statement was circulated on August 6 by the representative of the organization, Gamal Rushdie.

    On the eve of August 5, it became known that the Israeli military began to hit the targets of the Islamists in the Gaza Strip as part of Operation Dawn.

    “The secretary general calls on the international community and all parties with influence to intervene and stop the operation,” he said, passing on the words of Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abu al-Gheit.
    “Its continuation may lead to an escalation, the dangerous consequences of which no one can predict,” he added.

    In addition, the Israeli operation in Palestine was condemned by states such as Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait and Tunisia, as well as Yemen.

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