Apple IPhone Security Feature Broken By A Thief And Rob Woman Of Rs 8 Lakh Here Is What Happened

Apple iPhone: Apple promises to provide the most secure device to its users. For this, there are many security features in the phone, whose passcode is also included. What if we tell you that the passcode that is set on the iPhone can help thieves to steal the user’s bank credentials and loot all the money? Actually, we are not making such a claim, but such a case has come to the fore in a foreign country.

What is the matter?

According to a Wall Street Journal report, a Midtown Manhattan woman named Rehan Ayas had her iPhone stolen at a club. After the phone was stolen, the woman has suffered a loss of about US $ 10,000 (about Rs 8 lakh). According to the report, Ayas was celebrating Thanksgiving weekend at a bar, when a person found there stole her iPhone 13 Pro Max. Within minutes of losing the iPhone, the woman was unable to access her Apple account. The woman tried to access her data from another device, but she could not do so. After this, in the next 24 hours, the woman got a message that about US $ 10,000 was debited from her bank account.

How did all this happen?

The reason has also been given in the report that even after having such high security in the iPhone, how could all this be possible? According to reports, thieves keep an eye on their targets. In this case, the thief must have seen the woman’s passcode. Then the thief stole the phone and opened it and must have changed the password of the Apple ID, due to which the woman could not access her ID. After this thieves steal money from the bank account.

Apple users should keep these things in mind

How can you protect your iPhone or Apple ID if you are using your phone in a public place or in a club? We would recommend using an alphanumeric password on your lock screen instead of just a numeric passcode. Apple allows users to set a passcode of up to 34 characters, which will not only be a secure passcode but may also be difficult for someone to remember or guess.

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