has warned users against using webcam blinds on their laptops. The publication TechRadar drew attention to the corresponding page on the company’s website.

The manufacturer of Mac computers said that third-party accessories that cover the review of the webcam can cause damage to the matrix. The curtains mounted on the camera create a gap between the matrix and the keyboard and additional pressure on the display when closing the lid of the laptop. This damage is not a guarantee.

Webcam blinds are commonly used as an extra measure of privacy protection. Apple called alternative security measures: for example, the company asked users to check by a light indicator whether the webcam is working. Also in the laptop settings you can see which programs have access to the camera.

The company’s specialists said that it is possible to cover the laptop’s camera with a regular sheet of paper for the printer, which has a thickness of not more than 0.1 millimeters. At the same time, Apple warns that the use of adhesives is undesirable. In the event that a curtain for the webcam is needed, the company recommended removing it every time before closing the laptop cover.

In February, an expert at , , evaluated the effectiveness of glueing a gadget camera. According to the expert, physical blocking of the camera is not paranoia, but a standard measure of protection. The expert advised to purchase special stickers that will not leave traces and do not spoil the optics. (Source: rambler)


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