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Antonovsky: it’s time for foreign mercenaries to realize the inexpediency of presence in Ukraine

From the personal photo archive of Roman Antonovsky
From the personal photo archive of Roman Antonovsky

The fate of foreign “soldiers of fortune” in Ukraine should sober up the rest of the mercenaries who go to the “square” like on a safari. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist, writer, author of the Telegram channel “Sons of the Monarchy” Roman Antonovsky in a conversation with the international editors of the FAN.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk People’s Republic, about 20-25% of the 2.5 thousand military personnel stationed at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk are foreign “soldiers of fortune.” At the moment, as military experts note, the situation around the enterprise is unfolding according to the Azovstal scheme. Then the result was the mass surrender of Ukrainian fighters to Russian captivity.

Earlier, on June 9, the DPR Supreme Court sentenced three foreign mercenaries, including two British citizens and one Moroccan citizen, who committed crimes in the Donbass. Antonovsky is convinced that any person who arrives on the lands of Little Russia and New Russia to kill Russian people, of course, should be punished in the most severe way.

“By the way, the hysterical reaction of the British media is interesting. As we know, at first the United Kingdom even encouraged and, at least, did not prevent its citizens from going to fight in and for Ukraine, and now they are whining “oh, help, let go,” the expert said.

The political scientist considers it right that the mercenaries were tried on the territory of the DPR. He hopes that the harsh punishment of the “soldiers of fortune” will be a good lesson for those foreigners who are still thinking of going to fight against the army of Russia and the LDNR.

“When our Caliber flies into the Yavorsky training ground with foreign mercenaries, or they are captured and receive life or capital punishment, this is just the same as an excellent barrier, a sobering incentive to cool the rest of the hotheads who hope to come to fight against us” , the publicist stressed.

In conclusion, Roman Antonovsky noted that, perhaps, mercenaries will be one of the trump cards that will spoil the reputation of the British conservatives before the elections.


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