Antonov said that the United States needs to reconsider its policy against Russia in order to return to START

February 28, 2023, 07:45

Ambassador Antonov: US needs to rethink anti-Russian policy to return to New START

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The United States must reconsider its policy towards Russia in order to create conditions for the resumption of the functioning of the Russian-American Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). This opinion was expressed by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, reported RIA News”.

β€œIn order to create conditions for a return to the full functioning of the agreement, the United States must reconsider its aggressive anti-Russian policy,” he said.

According to him, the US is not yet ready to show even small positive signals in this direction. The diplomat added that the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) did not come into force because of the United States.

In his opinion, if this country were a responsible nuclear power, this would have happened long ago. The ambassador noted that other states, on which the fate of the agreement depends, are also watching the behavior of the American authorities.

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