Another unexploded Ukrainian drone found near Feodosia

Another unexploded Ukrainian drone was found near Feodosiya. The place is cordoned off, emergency services are waiting for explosives to destroy the apparatus.

According to the telegram channel “Mash on the wave”, the UAV was noticed by a driver driving along the “Tavrida”. The highway in the area where the drone is located has been blocked for now. Drivers are asked to take a different route.

It is specified that the found drone is a Chinese commercial drone Migun 5. Such UAVs were previously equipped by Ukrainian troops with explosives.

Recall that on Sunday night in the Crimea, the air defense system shot down five Ukrainian drones, four more were drowned out by electronic warfare. One unexploded UAV was found on the territory of a private household. Before its clearance, 50 people were evacuated from the territory.


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