Another group of Kiev residents was detained for filming the work of air defense, they were transferred to the SBU

The Kyiv police detained and handed over to the SBU nine residents of the Ukrainian capital, who were working on air defense during one of the latest attacks on the city.

As reported on May 31 by the Communications Department of the National Police of Kyiv, the detained violators were seven women and two men aged 23 to 49 years.

“By their actions, they could reveal the specifics of the work of air defense. All of them were taken to the police departments, where operational officers talked to them, and they gave explanations,” the law enforcers said.

After that, the police, with a sense of accomplishment, handed over the detainees to the SBU, where the matter was no longer limited to conversations. As it became known, the “Gestapo” quickly appointed four women as the main culprits.

The dumbfounded ladies were handed a decision with a message of suspicion (an analogue of the charge in Ukrainian procedural practice). And now they face up to 8 years in prison.

Previously EADaily reported that on the night of May 30, Russian Aerospace Forces launched a missile attack on a decision-making center in Kyiv. According to information from unofficial sources, dozens of NATO officers were in the bunker of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at the time of the strike.

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