Another attempt by the EU countries to agree on a “ceiling” for oil and gas prices turned out to be a failure

FBA “Economy Today”

EU ministers have not been able to come to a consensus on limiting the cost of Russian oil and gas. The next discussion of this issue is scheduled for December 13, according to Postimees.

The proposed options for the “ceiling” on the cost of oil, representatives of some EU countries considered too high, others – low. Despite the fact that the new rules should come into force on December 5, the discussion did not lead to anything. Of the 27 EU countries, six are against the introduction of a price cap and are not going to change their position.

Anti-Russian sanctions have led to a rise in the price of energy resources and inflation in the EU. Eurozone industry has lost competitive advantage due to higher gas prices.

Western countries fear rising oil prices informs INFOX. The US and the EU do not want Russian oil to completely disappear from the world market.


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