Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary were just friends during Udaariyaan, reveals their co-actor Isha Malviya

Bigg Boss 16 contestants Priyanka Chahar Choudhary Ankit Gupta Acted in the show Udaariyaan It was a time leap before it entered. Soon The duo became part of Bigg Boss 16. The Their equation has been confusing for the audience.

Since The beginning Priyanka She has been saying she feels drawn towards Ankit He has put in a lot to keep their friendship alive. Ankit Too once stated that it was not a one-sided relationship but that it can be both. When Guests can ask the host questions about their friendships or when they were hosts. Salman Khan They say that their equation is only friendship when someone mentions it.

We The speaker was Udaariyaan actress Isha Malviya, who has collaborated with both Priyanka Ankit For two years, the show was on. When When asked if they are currently in a relationship. Isha said, “I don’t know if in the house they have got into a relationship, but at the time when we were shooting for Udaariyaan, they were just good friends.”

The Actress added “I have seen a few clips of the show where Priyanka has said that she puts in more effort for Ankit, and that is true. All of us on the sets also used to see how Priyanka would put in more effort to maintain her friendship with Ankit.”

Isha The duo feels most alive in the BB house. She says, “Ankit and Priyanka are not at all faking it in the house, they are exactly seen how they are in real life too. Ankit likes to be reserved and he is a calm and quiet person which we see in the show. And on the other hand, Priyanka likes to take a stand for herself and people around here in real life too. If there used to be something happening on the sets, she used to share her opinion. So nothing seems new to me when she does that in the house, because that’s her real self.”

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