Andrey Kartapolov: I completely exclude the corruption component

Andrey Kartapolov: I completely exclude the corruption component

Andrey Kartapolov

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Heads of the State Duma Committees on Defense and Anti-Corruption Andrey Kartapolov and Vasily Piskarev sent appeals to the Attorney General Igor Krasnov with a request to find out what is happening in the rear of the army and why the mobilized complain that they are not provided with the most necessary – up to medicines and warm clothes. Kartapolov confirmed this information in a conversation with Parliamentary Newspaper. The parliamentarian also told what exactly the appeal was about, who could be to blame for the current situation, and whether supply difficulties would affect the course of the special military operation.

Allocation errors

– Andrei Valerievich, is the information that you turned to the Prosecutor General with a request to investigate what is happening with the supply of the rear, true?

– Yes, indeed, such a request was sent by us. The reason was, firstly, the statement of a member of our committee Andrey Gurulev that one and a half million sets of military uniforms have disappeared from our personnel reception points, and secondly, numerous appeals, photos and videos that are filmed and posted on social networks by the mobilized themselves. I got to know all of them. And they really raise a lot of questions, the main one of which is whether all the money that was allocated for the acquisition of rear reserves, weapons, uniforms, food was exactly what was spent on this?

– How is the supply system for the rear in Russia arranged?

– In each military unit, stocks of everything necessary are formed – weapons, food, uniforms and other things. These stocks are regularly replenished and updated. This is allocated budget money. Thus, last year’s budget provided for full funding, which was required by the Ministry of Defense. We discussed this item of expenditure both in the open part and in the closed part, asking if this was exactly enough. We were told: yes, this is enough to purchase the necessary. And if enough is enough, then the problems that we are now seeing should not have existed in principle. However, for some reason they are.

– Do you think we can talk about some facts of corruption?

– No, I exclude the corruption component completely. Perhaps there was some kind of distribution and this money was eventually used to solve other problems not related to replenishment of stocks. Perhaps they bought one thing in large quantities, but there was simply not enough finance for something else. This needs to be dealt with. Actually, for this we sent a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

– Are we dealing with a systemic problem or with separate unrelated cases?

– Here too it is necessary to understand. Of course, I really do not want this problem to be systemic. I really hope that this is just the result of the shortcomings of individual officials. A very unpleasant result, but still not ubiquitous. And if this is so, then our main task now is to find these officials, show them to society, which is far from stupid in our country, which sees everything and also asks questions, and punish them in detail.

“Weaknesses need to be identified and corrected promptly”

– How to solve problems that have already arisen while the Prosecutor General’s Office is checking? Work on each case individually, open new hotlines for the mobilized?

– We already have the required number of hotlines: there is a federal number 122, their reference work in each region. As for everything else, yes, it is necessary to expand opportunities and ways for the mobilized to receive assistance. As recently as today, for example, we opened in St. Petersburg a public reception room for our defense committee. We will work, we will try to solve every problem – not only those related to supply problems – on an individual basis. The only thing is to do it as soon as possible. It is very important for us that our army, our guys are provided with everything necessary. This is the most important condition for the successful fulfillment of the tasks assigned to them.

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– How strongly can the current situation affect the combat effectiveness of the Russian army and the achievement of the goals of a special military operation?

– I will answer this way: the shortcomings of logistics do not contribute to the successful completion of tasks in the course of a special military operation. So you need to open them and quickly fix them. I think the Ministry of Defense will have enough experience and determination for this.

– Have you already received a response to your appeal?

– Not. A few days have passed, so we have not received any response from the Prosecutor General’s Office yet.


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