Anatoly Wasserman explained the Russophobic attitude of European governments

    imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press
    imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press

    Berlin continues to adhere to the old policy of supporting Nazism in Ukraine, trying to make Russia, like the USSR in the past, an enemy of the European people. Anatoly Wasserman, a journalist, publicist, political scientist and deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, spoke about this.

    There are more and more reports on the Web that the inhabitants of East Germany do not share the views of the West and do not consider the Russians as enemies. At the same time, they cannot openly show their attitude towards Moscow, since a criminal article is in force in the country for supporting a special military operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that the German government has turned a blind eye to Kyiv’s aggression against Donbass for the past eight years, and now condemns the actions of the Russian Federation to protect civilians in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics (LDNR).

    Pavel Kashaev, Pavel Kashaev/Global Look Press
    Pavel Kashaev, Pavel Kashaev/Global Look Press

    State Duma Deputy Anatoly Wasserman said that Nazism is not a perversion, but a natural result of the development of European civilization. Unable to overtly support a radical ideology on its own territory, the EU leadership is willing to promote it outside its own jurisdiction.

    “By the time the Second World War began, half of the then states of Europe were ruled by fascist dictatorships, and the other half did not see anything prejudicial in this. Only when the USSR proved that Hitler’s ideology could be dangerous for the life of the dictators themselves, did these terms become indecent in Western Europe, they tried to replace them with other concepts, ”the expert said.

    The political scientist added that in the modern world, Nazism has a negative connotation, which people try to avoid. However, more and more new “synonyms” are being invented for him in order to bring him back into use.

    “Given all this, I believe that the authorities of Germany, France, Britain and other countries were well aware that another fascist dictatorship had formed in Ukraine, but did not see the slightest need to resist this,” the journalist noted.

    Anatoly Wasserman stressed that criticism of the Russian NWO is currently convenient for the EU. But when the status quo changes, the European Union will turn its back on Kyiv.

    Residents of the German city of Freiburg im Breisgau held a motor rally against Russophobia. Not only local motorists, but also citizens of France and Switzerland took part in the action.


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