Analysts reveal how many Sverdlovsk residents are going to work in retirement

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Every seventh resident of Yekaterinburg plans to continue working after retirement. According to the SuperJob service, every fourth Yekaterinburger, on the contrary, would like to travel.

“In retirement, every fourth Ekaterinburger (24%) would like to travel. Another 14% of Yekaterinburg residents intend to continue working, even if there are enough funds for a comfortable life, ”analysts told URA.RU. The survey involved people over 45 years old.

The other 16%, having retired, would take up a dacha or garden. Another 14% are their favorite hobby, and 11% would just live for their own pleasure. 6% of respondents want to raise their grandchildren, and 2% are going to just read books.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that guitar players from Yekaterinburg earn more. Popular instruments among the townspeople are the guitar and keyboards.


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