An SBU employee was suspended after a fight with a Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter over a song by Mikhail Krug

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) suspended from official duties an employee who got into a fight with servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The conflict occurred over a song by Russian performer Mikhail Krug in Vinnitsa. This was reported by a representative of the department’s press service.

“The internal security units of the SBU are conducting an official investigation into the facts that appeared in the media regarding an employee of the SBU department in the Vinnytsia region, a lover of Russian chanson,” TASS journalists report the words of the press service. A representative of the department called this behavior of a colleague “unworthy.”

Earlier on November 7, a fight broke out between men in a Vinnitsa restaurant in Ukraine, reports TV channel 360. The establishment celebrated the birthday of two companies: soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and employees of the SBU. At the height of the evening, guests heard a composition by Mikhail Krug from the VIP hall, which was rented by representatives of the Security Service. A woman from the Armed Forces of Ukraine reprimanded SBU officers for singing songs in Russian, but she was ignored, reports MK.RU. After that, according to the Ukrainian woman, several men came out of the VIP room and a fight began. Three representatives of the Armed Forces were taken to the hospital.


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