An outbreak of hepatitis A was detected in a Magnitogorsk school

The Department of Education of Magnitogorsk reported that two classes in the city school No. 39 were quarantined due to the spread of hepatitis A in the educational institution.

The exact number of infected people is not disclosed. According to the parents of the students, the first cases were identified at the beginning of the school year.

“As of November 28, at school No. 39, quarantine measures were introduced in two classes that study in a separate wing of the school building, where there is a drinking fountain and bathrooms,” the local edition quotes the message of the city’s education department. Verstov.Info.

Meals for students in quarantined classes are carried out “according to a special schedule at a separate table from specially designated marked dishes, which, after eating, are processed in a disinfectant solution,” the city’s education department said in a statement.

In October and November, the school was disinfected. Parents are encouraged to vaccinate their children against hepatitis A.

Julia Garipova, Chelyabinsk


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