An international association of Genghis Khan scholars may appear in Mongolia


    The idea of ​​creating an association of researchers of Genghis Khan was put forward by the President of Mongolia, Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh, on August 6 at the opening of an international scientific conference of Mongolians in Ulaanbaatar, according to the information portal Sonin.

    According to Khurelsukh, 54 experts on Mongolia from 14 countries of the world gathered in the Mongolian capital for the conference “The World of Genghis Khan and Mongolian Studies”, which is held on the occasion of the 860th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Mongol Empire.

    Khurelsukh noted that the study of this historical figure plays an important role in Mongolian politics, so the country’s authorities established the Center for Independent Research of Genghis Khan. In addition, he announced that the Museum of Genghis Khan would soon open its doors.

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    “It is also proposed at this meeting to create an international association of Genghis Khan scholars and hold their international conference every three years,” the Mongolian leader emphasized.

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