An expert linguist assessed the “immorality” of the name of the Yobidoyobi restaurant chain

The linguist considered justified the decision of the court to demand a change in the name of the Yobidoyobi restaurant chain

The Arbitration Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory really had reason to demand that the name of the Yobidoyebi sushi restaurant chain be changed, as it may be associated with obscene language. About it IA REGNUM April 11 announced Vladimir Slavkin, Head of the Department of Stylistics of the Russian Language, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov.



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“Although the word is Japanese, it appears in the Russian context. And it can be perceived as reminiscent of a well-known obscene word. Therefore, here the court really had grounds for such a decision.”Slavkin said.

He emphasized that many words that are used as natural for another language, in the Russian context, sound like obscene words.

“If we are talking about the use of such a word as a name, then it becomes a fact of public use. In addition, it is clear that those who chose such a word and used it decided to shock and shock the audience to some extent. But this is a bad joke. And if they decided to impress the audience, then only with the quality of their products, and not with the name.– summed up Slavkin.

As reportedIA REGNUM, the Arbitration Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory ruled that the Yobidoyobi sushi delivery chain must change its name within three months. According to the court, such a name contradicts “well-known principles of humanity and morality” and with a high degree of probability causes people to associate with profanity. In turn, the representatives of the companies stated that they use the transliteration of the Japanese phrase “The day of the week is Saturday” as the name.


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