An alternative exhibition to the 300th anniversary of the city, “Perm 30,” opens in Perm

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300th anniversary of Perm

The Center for Urban Culture is preparing to open the exhibition project “Perm 30”. It, unlike everything that has been happening in Perm over the past year, is dedicated to the last three decades in the history of the city, say the organizers.

“The Perm 300 project, which is heard by every Permian today, concerns the history of the city as such. And our “Perm 30” is dedicated to our personal stories that have happened over the last three decades of city life,” the authors of the exhibition note in the announcement.

The first part of the exhibition is based on the memoirs of historians, journalists, scientists and representatives of humanitarian thought, who talk about what happened in Perm from 1993 to 2022. Here, the authors of the project give free rein to the audience – everyone will be able to write about an event that was important to them during these years. “Together, from various pieces and fragments, we will try to create an approximate portrait of the historical period in which we lived and continue to live,” explain the organizers. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated only to 2023 – the year of the 300th anniversary of Perm. Here the artists propose not only to remember what has already happened, but also to design a version of the future city.


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