Amnesty International fully supports report on Ukrainian army


Amnesty International rejects criticism of the report on the actions of the Ukrainian army. The NGO is behind the investigation findings, which confirmed that Kyiv is endangering civilians by placing military equipment in schools and residential areas.

On Friday, Amnesty International responded to Kyiv’s strong criticism of the latest report on the actions of the Ukrainian army. It remains behind the report, which accuses Kyiv of endangering civilians by placing military equipment and ammunition in schools and residential areas, the non-governmental organization (NGO) said. The investigation and subsequent report drew the ire of the Ukrainian government and President Vladimir Zelensky.

Are the heroes of the Western community of values ​​war criminals?  Amnesty report causes a furore

Are the heroes of the Western community of values ​​war criminals? Amnesty report causes a furore

Amnesty “fully stands by the findings of the investigation,” Secretary-General Agnès Callamard wrote in a statement to the news agency AFP. On too Twitter Callamard released a statement. There she wrote that her organization “stands impartially on the side of all victims”. Those attacking Amnesty’s investigations she has labeled “social media mobs and trolls”. Callamard highlighted:

“This is called war propaganda, disinformation, false information. This will not affect our impartiality and will not change the facts.”

Zelenskij had accused the NGO of “running a perpetrator-victim reversal”. Visibly enraged, the Ukrainian president declared in a video message that any report “that in any way equates the actions of the victim and the attacker cannot be tolerated.”

The report published last Thursday accuses Kyiv of a “clear violation of international humanitarian law” because it has been documented that Ukraine is stationing troops near civilian infrastructure and operating from there, thereby endangering the lives of civilians.

Specifically, the NGO wrote in its report that evidence of current or previous military activity was found in 22 out of 29 schools it inspected in Ukraine between April and July, while in 19 towns and villages inspected, Ukrainian forces were near civilians had been stationed.

Amnesty International: Kyiv violates international law of war

Amnesty International: Kyiv violates international law of war

“Being in the position of defense counsel does not absolve the Ukrainian military from respecting international law,” the report said. However, Ukraine’s illegal military use of civilian objects would “in no way justify indiscriminate Russian attacks”. According to the NGO, Ukrainian troops were not present in residential areas that they felt were targets of Russian attacks.

“Amnesty’s material fits perfectly with the perversions widespread in the West,” wrote Aleksei Kopytko, adviser to Ukraine’s defense minister, on Facebook. “Virtually every once respected organization, individual advanced countries and multitude of politicians are telling us in no uncertain terms: ‘Your suicide is a great option’.” In doing so, Kopytko was referring to a widely held view in Ukraine that ceasefire negotiations and concessions on Russia’s territorial claims would amount to Ukraine’s suicide as a nation. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said the NGO’s goal was “to strike a false balance between the perpetrator and his victim.”

Moscow also commented on the Amnesty report. Russia has repeatedly stated that Ukrainian troops are using civilians as human shields and the NGO’s report only confirms this. Meanwhile, Oksana Pokalchuk, the head of the human rights organization’s Ukraine office, has resigned from her post over the report.

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