Amitabh Bachchan’s voice will be imitated, the superhero of the difficult century filed a petition in the Delhi High Court

New Delhi: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court regarding the personality rights including the use of his picture, name and voice. Famous lawyer Harish Salve has also argued on behalf of Amitabh in the court. Amitabh appealed not to use his voice, picture etc without his consent. Accepting Amitabh’s plea, the court asked all concerned not to use the actor’s voice, photographs and personality rights.

In his order, Justice Navin Chawla said that there is no doubt that Amitabh is a famous person and also appears in many advertisements. He is very upset with such people who use his personality to promote their business or other goods without his permission. These things can also cause a lot of damage or harm to the actor. That’s why the court passes interim orders keeping all these things in mind.

What are personality rights?

Personality rights are related to the personality of a man or woman. Protection has been found under its right to privacy. These rights are considered very important for famous personalities. Because people use or can use the name or influence of these famous people for many other things ranging from selling goods. In such a situation, it is necessary for famous people to get their names registered under the Personality Rights Act.

Personality rights in Indian law
Article 21 of the Indian Constitution contains the right related to privacy and publicity. That is, there is a law around personality rights. Intellectual Property Law also constitutionally gives rights regarding personality rights. Similarly, in the Copyright Act 1957, authors have been given similar rights. It also includes actors, singers, musicians and dancers. The actor’s petition states that mobile application developers are using Amitabh’s voice for the lottery. Not only this, the logo of KBC has also been misused. Apart from this, Amitabh has demanded a ban on the use of his voice, picture etc. on KBC-related book publishers, T-shirt vendors and other businessmen. The next hearing of the case will be in March next year.

What is the law in America, UK
There is no specific law for personality rights in countries like America and Britain. However, in a country like America, there is a rule of protection for famous personalities on wrong endorsement.

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