Americans face disappointment in Ukraine, similar to Afghanistan and Iraq

Americans may not support the direct involvement of the US military in the conflict in Ukraine. About it writes Tara Sonenshine in an article for The Hill.

“As we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans have consistently become frustrated with direct military intervention in foreign conflicts. Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed concern about becoming involved in regional crises,” — noted the publicist.

According to the author of the article, “exhausted” after the recently concluded midterm elections, US residents would not approve of the expansion of hostilities in Europe, and because of the unstable balance of power in Congress and the upcoming holidays, it would be difficult for lawmakers to come to a centralized decision on this matter.

As Sonenshine stressed, the likelihood that the Americans who support Ukraine are unlikely to agree to send troops to participate in the conflict is extremely high. Most likely, they will prefer to continue the supply of weapons, she suggests.


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