American veteran gave out a photo from Iraq for Ukraine and convicted the United States of hypocrisy

March 21, 2023, 06:18

US Navy Veteran Posobets Responds to Russia’s Criticism Reminds White House of Invasion of Iraq

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The United States invaded Iraq with impunity and now accused Russia of unjustified aggression in Ukraine. This behavior was ridiculed by American activist, Navy veteran Jack Posobets. On his Twitter, he passed off a picture from Iraq as Ukrainian.

“I can’t believe that Russia is doing this to Ukraine. All leaders involved in this crime should be in prison, ”wrote the former military man.

Jack Posobec ​​tweeted a photo of the 2003 bombing of Iraq. Some of his two million subscribers believed that he showed Ukraine and began to condemn Russia, others took the hint and also called the White House to account. Journalist Candice Owens said that it makes no sense – the United States is used to killing millions of civilians and bombing other countries, promoting democracy and not incurring any punishment for it.

It has been exactly 20 years since the American army invaded Iraq. The conflict lasted eight years, although the active phase ended in about a month. Historian and political scientist Vardan Baghdasaryan listed the global consequences of this campaign.


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