American TV host slams Biden for worrying about Ukraine


US President Joe Biden worries about Ukraine when he should be paying attention to his country’s domestic problems. Such criticism was made by the host of the American Fox News channel Tucker Carlson.

“I’m not worried about our economy, I’m worried about Ukraine. Our economy is damn strong.” Truth? Have you seen the markets at all? The situation in the stock market is not only a concern for the tycoons, your retirement account depends on it. The stock market is falling rapidly, ”the journalist said on the air. Carlson stressed that inflation in the United States has reached record levels at a time when the president is shifting the responsibility for it to the Republicans.

Earlier in the United States, Biden was accused of incompetence, which threatens the success of the Democratic Party in the elections. The Americans were afraid of a “real disaster” because of the decisions of the US President on Ukraine. According to Republican Senator Rick Scott, Americans are tired of Biden’s “dream world”. The president doesn’t care about the price of gas and food, or crime in America. Rick Scott argues that the head of the United States usually either does not want to talk about problems, or blames ordinary people for them. In mid-October, social media users asked for Biden’s dog, a photo of which he recently posted, to be named president. According to citizens, the dog of the American leader will cope with the economic crisis better than his owner.

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