American police shot and killed an 11-year-old boy who called for help

11 year old black boy Aderien Murry received serious injuries to the liver, lungs and chest, as a result of a police officer’s shot.

According to the publication The New York Times, the boy called the police due to the fact that her ex-boyfriend broke into his house with his mother and “fell into a rage.” The policeman who arrived at the scene demanded that everyone leave the house with their hands up. Aderien, who came out, immediately received a bullet in the chest. Now his condition is assessed as good.

The boy’s mother demands the immediate resignation of the servant of the law.

“This cannot go on. My child almost lost his life,” she says.

The family’s lawyer is sure of the child’s innocence, and that there can be no de facto reason for the police to open fire if it is “an 11-year-old unarmed boy.”

Earlier it was reported that a man beat the dog of his friend to death in the suburbs.


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