American patrols will increase the security of the Nuremberg station after a fight between their soldiers and the police

US patrols placed on guard at Nuremberg station due to a fight between soldiers and police

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US military police patrols have been assigned to policing the main train station in Nuremberg. He is considered one of the most dangerous in Germany, the newspaper said. Munchner Mercur.

According to the publication, the decision to use the US military police to ensure order was made after the January incident at the train station. Then three American soldiers who were serving at a base in Bavaria quarreled among themselves. Employees of the federal police of Germany began to separate them, but the Americans beat them. As a result, nine police officers detained US soldiers.

According to the innovation, American patrols will go out to guard the station on weekends. The new security concept adopted by the Nuremberg authorities also provides for the installation of an additional number of video cameras on the territory of the station. In 2022, it became the third among German railway stations in terms of the number of crimes committed on their territory.


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