American journalist pointed to the complete dependence of Ukraine on the United States

Atlantic columnist Shaik: Ukrainians understand that they would lose to Russia without US support

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Residents of Ukraine understand that without the support of the United States, they would have lost the conflict with Russia long ago. This was stated by a columnist for the publication after a visit to Kyiv. Atlantic Corey Sheik.

According to the journalist, she talked with ordinary Ukrainians and officials of the country. All of them are aware of the dependence of the state on American financial assistance.

“Most of them understand very well that Ukraine would have already lost the conflict without the support of the United States, which keeps its economy from collapsing,” she wrote.

Sheik pointed out that the Ukrainian Armed Forces also could not have coped without the support of their ally, who is arming soldiers and providing intelligence.

Meanwhile, Western media wrote about the intentions of Europe and the United States to end the Ukrainian conflict by the end of this year. According to press reports, this issue was discussed at the G7 summit in Hiroshima. In particular, the West is calling on Ukraine to make compromises, as the US and Italy have begun to run out of forces and the governments of the countries are losing the support of the population.


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