America predicted a civil war that will affect the whole world

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Supporters of the Republican Party may rebel if a strong Republican candidate is unable to run in the US presidential election, which could lead to a US civil war that will affect the whole world. This opinion was expressed by political scientist Dmitry Rodionov.

“If tomorrow the Democrats send their rival and favorite from the Republicans to jail in the elections, banning him from participating in them, then, having lost the very possibility of revenge, today the supporters of former US President Donald Trump can behave much more radically. This can lead to a civil war, ”Rodionov said in an article. Life.

He added that the Republicans, if they wish, can attempt to secede from the state of those states in which they have the majority of supporters and create their own state. Earlier in 1861, this alignment led to the outbreak of the American Civil War. This time, such a war will negatively affect not only the United States, but the rest of the world, the political scientist concluded.

Earlier, Trump said that he expects his detention on Tuesday, March 21. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev stood up for the ex-President of the United States and called on the Americans to destroy the “tyranny of Washington.” Donald Trump could face arrest for allegedly hiding hundreds of gifts he received from other governments while he was president of the United States. RT. Law enforcement in New York said they are on full alert amid Trump’s calls for ordinary Americans to come out to protest.National News Service“.

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