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New Delhi; Online Leaders: Amazon, the giant in the IT sector, has once again started preparing for cuts. The company said on Monday that another 9,000 workers will be made redundant over the coming weeks. According to media reports, layoffs are planned at AWS, Ads and Twitch. (Amazon Discounts)

In early January, there were reports that Amazon had started cutting back. This was confirmed by the company’s CEO, Andy Jassi. He had said that the cuts are starting and that more than 18,000 employees of the company will be affected, including thousands of workers in India. (Amazon Discounts)

Massive Cuts in Meta too (Amazon Layoffs)

Earlier, Meta, the parent company of social media platform Facebook, was set to make massive layoffs. This time the company has planned to lay off 10000 workers. The company itself has announced this. Meta announced on March 14 that it could cut around 10,000 employees from its company and that around 5,000 employees will not be employed. Furthermore, the company had shown the way home to around 11,000 workers four months ago.

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More than two lakh jobs have been lost so far

A declining economy is causing massive job losses in corporate America. These range from Wall Street banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to large technology companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. According to the layoff tracking site, the tech world has laid off more than 280,000 workers since the start of 2022. Among them, about 40 percent of workers were cut this year.

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