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Amarinder lashed out at Agnipath Recruitment Scheme veterans said India Nepal relations will be affected – India Hindi News


In a radical change in the decades-old defense recruitment process, the Central Government on Tuesday announced a scheme called ‘Agneepath’ for recruitment of soldiers in the Army, Navy and Air Force, under which soldiers are recruited on contract basis for a period of four years. But will be done. However, many ex-servicemen did not like the Centre’s ‘Agneepath’ recruitment scheme. Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has also raised serious objections to the new recruitment scheme for soldiers.

Captain Amarinder Singh himself is an ex-serviceman and other members of his family have also served in the army. The former Chief Minister, who had served in the Sikh Regiment, criticized the new process of soldier recruitment saying it was like sounding the death knell for single class regiments like Sikh Regiment, Sikh Light Infantry, Gorkha Rifles, Rajput Regiment, Jat Regiment, etc. . It is noteworthy that this recruitment will be done on the basis of “All India, All Classes” (All India All Classes). This will change the composition of many regiments that recruit youth from communities such as Rajputs, Jats and Sikhs, apart from recruiting from specific regions.

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“Regiments have their own traditions and way of life”

Captain Amarinder Singh is currently in London. Speaking to The Indian Express over the phone, he said, “I don’t understand the reason for doing this.” He said that the All India All Class Experiment with Single Class Regiment was started in the 80s and was unsuccessful. The Captain said, “These regiments are performing well in their current environment, so why change it? I do not agree with this move at all. These regiments have their own traditions and way of life and how can you expect someone who is not from that background to do all that.”

Amarinder Singh also said that with a tenure of four years, a soldier would hardly have enough time to gather the basic experience of the soldiers before going into the field. He said, “There used to be a service period of seven years and a reserve liability of seven years. But four years is too little time for a soldier to be effective at the cutting edge.”

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Changes will come in Nepal India relations

Reacting to the development, former GOC-in-C of Western Command Lt Gen Tej Sapru (Retd) said the new move would not benefit India-Nepal relations. He said, “Nepalese civilian soldiers serving in the Indian Army make a major contribution to the Nepalese economy through their salaries and pensions. They are also important ambassadors of India in the villages where they live. This is one reason why the Chinese have not been able to make much inroads into the Nepalese society. By recruiting all classes, cutting down on their recruitment and then reducing their years of service, there could be a major change in Nepal-India relations.”

A former Director General of Artillery, Lt Gen PR Shankar (Retd), criticized the Agneepath skin, terming it as the ‘Kindergarten Army’. Several veterans took to social media to point out the ‘flaws’ in Agneepath and give suggestions. Major General BS Dhanoa (Retd) tweeted, “Two serious recommendations to the recently announced Recruitment Policy for the Armed Forces; 1) Extend the service period of new recruits to a minimum of seven years. 2) Retain at least those willing to serve for more than 50 percent of the time.”

‘Agniveer’ will be recruited in the forces for 4 years, will be farewell with a better package; read announcement

Let us inform that in relation to major changes in the decades-old selection process to recruit more qualified and young soldiers, the Ministry of Defense said that under the scheme 46,000 soldiers will be recruited this year in the three services and the eligibility age for selection will be from 17.5 years. 21 years of age and will be named ‘Agniveer’.

The monthly salary of an ‘agniveer’ in the first year of employment would be Rs 30,000, but only Rs 21,000 in hand. Every month Rs 9,000 will go to a fund with equal contribution from the government. Thereafter, the monthly salary in the second, third and fourth years will be Rs 33,000, Rs 36,500 and Rs 40,000. Each ‘Agniveer’ will get an amount of Rs 11.71 lakh as ‘Service Fund Package’ and will be exempted from income tax.




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