Altai postmen complained to the Communist Party of the planned reduction of wages by 30%

Employees of the Krasnogorsk post office in the Altai Territory appealed to the regional department of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with a complaint about the planned reduction in wages by 30% and reduction in working hours, informs party press office. They note that, despite the optimization, the amount of work for postal employees is not reduced.

“Management explains the changes in working conditions as a reduction in print subscriptions, but this is only a small part of the responsibilities of workers. The delivery of pensions, letters, receipts, flyers and newspapers takes up most of the time, ”the Communist Party of the Russian Federation reports. At the same time, the salary of post office employees is 15.6 thousand rubles.

Post office employees declare their readiness to leave the service, given such working conditions. According to the regional department of the Communist Party, this situation is developing in other districts of the region: Topchikhinsky, Krasnoshchekovsky, Mamontovsky, German national, Talmensky districts, in the city of Novoaltaysk.

Kommersant sent a request to the Russian Post with a request to comment on the information. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation announced that they are preparing appeals to the regional and federal authorities on this situation.

At the beginning of May GTRK “Altai” informed about problems with receiving pensions by the residents of Pobedim village due to the closure of the post office. “In our post office, part of the employees quit due to the fact that their wages were cut. The head of the department also quit,” Olga Tokareva, a resident of the village, said at the time. Later, Russian Post, commenting on this information to the media, noted that the volume of services provided by postmen is declining due to the development of digital services.

“In particular, the volume of delivered correspondence decreased by 15%, newspapers and magazines – by 38% and 34%, respectively. Now we are bringing the staffing table in line with actual employment – the last time we did such a rationing was seven years ago, ”said Darya Ilchakova, chief corporate communications specialist of the Federal Border Guard Service of the Altai Territory (quote from the news agency “Bankfax“).

Oksana Pavlova, Novosibirsk


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