Altaf Tadvi, born in slums, became ‘Bigg Boss 16’ winner MC Stan, sometimes used to eat and sometimes slept on the road

Who says there can’t be a hole in the sky, throw a stone with ease, friends… This line from a poem written by poet Dushyant Kumar seems to fit perfectly on MC Stan. The same MC Stan, who was born in the slum area of ​​Mumbai and came out from there, not only earned worldwide fame but also became the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Even if MC Stan is being called ‘undeserving’. Even if it is being said that he does not deserve the trophy and this win, but it cannot be denied that he got this victory because of his strong fan following. The fan following that MC Stan has earned through his hard work.

No one had ever thought that Altaf Tadvi, a slum-dweller in Mumbai who spends nights on the streets, would one day not only rule the world of rap by becoming MC Stan, but would also change the history of ‘Bigg Boss’. One liners like ‘Basti Ka Hasti’ and ‘Pee Town Baby’, ‘Hindi Matribhasha’ have become synonymous with Stan for people today. But MC Stan’s journey to reach here was very difficult. Even Stan himself never imagined that a simple boy from the slums would one day win such a big reality show. In the ‘Monday Motivation’ series, we are telling you the story of Stan reaching ‘Farsh Se Arsh’ and creating history.

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Born in a slum in Pune, spent days in poverty

MC Stan is a resident of Basti area of ​​Pune. Stan’s father remained in the police, but the condition of the family was not such that he could even eat two meals a day. There was a time when Stan had no money. In such a situation, he had to starve and many times had to spend nights on the streets. But MC Stan maintained courage and enthusiasm even in those days of failure and sorrow. MC Stan’s parents wanted him to become a successful person by studying. But Stan was fond of writing songs since childhood. Leaving studies, he used to get engrossed in songs. For this, Stan had to get scolded by Ammi-Abbu several times. He didn’t like Stan’s songwriting and rapping at all. But Stan was determined to make a name for himself in the world of rap and take his mother tongue, Hindi, to the world.

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Qawwali performer, became a rapper at the age of 12

At the age of just 12, MC Stan performed on a Qawwali song. But MC Stan got recognition when he started rapping. Stan was introduced to Rapp by his brother. Stan released his rap song titled Astaghfirullah, which became a hit. In this song, Stan narrated the story of his struggle, which touched people’s hearts. After this Stan came up with a song called ‘Vata’. This song made Stan a star. This song by MC Stan got 21 million views on YouTube then.

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Used to sleep on a rickshaw, today earns a lot

After this MC Stan never looked back. The MC Stan who sometimes used to sleep on rickshaws and sometimes on the streets, later he got luxury cars. Stan is so much in love with the Hindi language that he started his own label ‘Hindi Records’ with the same name and also made a set of diamonds named HINDI. MC Stan told on the premiere of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ that his shoes cost 80 thousand and Ammi bought a TV worth 70 thousand to watch him on the show. MC Stan had also told that he has a snake design chain, which is worth crores. On the other hand, the diamond necklace named Hindi is worth about Rs 1.5 crore.

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Inspiration made even after controversies

There have also been many controversies in MC Stan’s life. Since there are a lot of abuses and vulgar words in his raps and songs, because of this Stan also got embroiled in a lot of controversies. People’s attitude towards Stan changed. Stan had told in an interview that he is going to ‘Bigg Boss 16’ so that he can change the attitude of people towards himself and control his anger. Stan had said that he takes out his anger through songs and rap. If they don’t do this then they can become violent. But be that as it may, MC Stan’s journey from slum to Bigg Boss and becoming a rapper has become an inspiration to millions. Everyone in Stan’s township can now dream, who used to think that dreams are for the rich because only their dreams come true.

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