Almost half of Russians complained about property damage due to neighbor repairs

Almost half of the Russians surveyed at least once in their lives found themselves in a situation where neighbor’s repairs caused damage to their property. Writes about it “”referring to the results of a study by AlfaStrakhovanie.

In 60% of cases, the cost of damage ranged from ten to fifty thousand rubles. And about 20% of the respondents “got” to repair up to 100 thousand. At the same time, almost the same number of respondents were forced to compensate for damages in the amount of 100 thousand to more than a million. In a third of cases, the neighbor completely ignored the remarks during the repair, in 20% of cases he made a scandal, and only in 14% he compensated the damage financially.

The study showed that in almost 50% of cases it was possible to negotiate with neighbors peacefully. However, not everyone had a positive experience: more than a third of those surveyed said they were forced to eliminate the consequences of inaccurate actions of neighbors at their own expense, and 12.3% went to court. Only in 6% of cases all issues were resolved by the insurance company, since the apartment was insured.

Among the main problems during repairs, the respondents identified noise (42%), dirt in the entrance (31%), broken elevators when loading building materials (22.9%), construction waste in the wrong place (12%), as well as damaged doors and walls on floor (23%). In addition, the incompetence of workers sometimes leads to damage to the wiring and general house communications (11%) and a fire in the house (3.5%). 4.8% of study participants complained about cracks in the walls of the apartment during the repair of neighbors, and the flood occurred in 7.5% of cases.

Most of the respondents are sure that it is impossible to protect yourself from the consequences of unprofessional repairs. This was the answer of 53.4% โ€‹โ€‹of the study participants.

Earlier, Life wrote how many Russian couples quarrel over repairs. According to the survey, 67% believe that joint selection of household equipment helps to get to know each other better, and 56% of Russians believe that renovation can strengthen relationships.

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