AllAfrica: Nigerian authorities failed to protect schools from terrorist attacks

Abuja, 22 September. Terrorist activity in several regions of Nigeria prevents children from safely attending schools that are the targets of attacks. About it informs AllAfrica.

Representatives of UNESCO prepared a report in which they described the situation with education in the African Republic. According to experts, more than 20 million schoolchildren cannot access education due to a surge in militant activity in various regions of the state. According to various sources, about 600 educational institutions are closed across the country.

Citizens complain that they do not want to send their children to classes because they are afraid of attacks from radicals. Often, bandits, attacking villages, rob and burn educational institutions, kidnapping teenagers and teachers.

Despite statements by the authorities about successful operations to restore order in the country, terrorists continue to keep the civilian population in fear. Recently, a similar incident occurred in the village of Kmampo, located 100 kilometers from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The jihadists killed five civilians and kidnapped eight more for further ransom demands.

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