Ali Asghar told that I was not satisfied with the creativity of that character


My maternal grandmother’s character was not even growing.

Kapil Sharma’s favorite show is once again ready to knock on Sony TV. All the characters of this show have been very close to the heart of the audience. In this way, the show is bringing many new faces this time. But people still remember the old characters, whether it is the famous Gulati, Pinky Bua or Kapil’s grandmother. Today we are going to tell you why the actor Ali Asghar, who played the role of grandmother, left the show years ago. He himself has disclosed this in one of his interviews.

Ali Asghar said I didn’t have anything creative
In an interview given to ETimes, Ali said that I was not satisfied with the creativity of that character. My maternal grandmother’s character was not even growing. I told about this to the team when I was going to Australia in 2017. As a grandmother, I had a lot to perform but it was not so with the character of Nani.

When it came time to renew my contract, I had expressed my apprehensions with the team. And told him that I am not interested to be a part of this show. But at that time so much opinion had spread that some people took the matter to that side and some to the other side. So much had happened that what to explain and what to say.

The actor told the reason for leaving the show
The actor further said that unfortunately at that time some things had happened between Kapil and Sunil as well. Maybe Kapil doesn’t know the reason why I left the show. I can’t cheat as an artist. If I am not happy then how will I entertain the audience? So I felt better to leave the show. If something is good for me, I will definitely come. We will be seen again together.

There was communication gap between Kapil and me
Ali further said that we used to miss each other’s calls. There was a communication gap. And with time we moved on. But I am happy that I was a part of him and I learned a lot from him. I will always respect him. He understands the pulse of the audience and knows how to run the show. Maybe that was not the case in the shows or there will be some lack in performance. I don’t have any pain. I had my own reason for leaving the show. It was not an overnight decision. I didn’t even do much in the show. If I have to earn money then I can do this show again.

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