Alexander Petrov came out with a ring on his ring finger

On International Theater Day, 34-year-old actor Alexander Petrov appeared in public with a ring on the ring finger of his right hand. After seeing the footage from the first award ceremony of the A.P. Chekhov Art Theater, fans of the star suspected that he had finally married his passion, actress Stasya Miloslavskaya.

“The unrecognizable Alexander Petrov appeared at the Art Theater Prize with a ring on his ring finger. Can we congratulate Stasya Miloslavskaya?”is given question.

Some media outlets suggest that the actor simply forgot to remove the props from the filming: he played a married man and appeared “in character” for a theater award. Moreover, Petrov’s beloved admitted that he had not yet proposed marriage to her and jokingly assumed that she “didn’t know something.”

“I wasn’t offered anything. Maybe someone else?”quotes Miloslavskaya Telegram-channel “Anti-gloss”.


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