Alcohol and fatty foods most often provoke an exacerbation of pancreatitis

The signs of pancreatitis are pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting without relief and involuntary tension of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, noted surgeon Andrei Kolotilshchikov.

In order to avoid the development of the disease, a number of food products should be discarded. The greatest harm in this case is caused by carbonated drinks, alcohol and fatty foods, said the head of the emergency surgical department of the Botkin Hospital, Andrei Kolotilshchikov, reports “Moscow Says”.

“Don’t overeat or drink. There are a lot of people who have been abusing alcohol for a long time. The main thing in prevention is the regimen: often, fractionally, in small portions, without starving, ”the doctor explained.

For the prevention of pain in the pancreas, it is worth giving preference to foods with a low-fat content. Chicken, turkey or fish should be added to the diet, Beaters explained.

Earlier it became known that almonds are the most useful nut. He practically has no contraindications, said nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.

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