Aksakov called the benefits of cutting off Russia from the world economy

Aksakov called the benefits of cutting off Russia from the world economy

Anatoly Aksakov.
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Cutting off Russia from the world economy will help protect the domestic banking sector from the consequences of the financial bubble in the United States and the bankruptcy of American banks. This was announced on Monday by Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma committee on the financial market.

Earlier in the United States, the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank was announced, which was the largest bank failure since the 2008 crisis. Later it became known about the closure of another bank, Signature Bank.

In this regard, Aksakov explained that the American financial system is “over-inflated” due to the pumping of financial instruments and funds, while the actual filling of this bubble is “many times, if not dozens of times, less.”

“Given that the United States, instead of solving serious domestic problems that could lead to turmoil both in the country and around the world, is diverting its financial resources. This distraction hurts the American economy. This could lead to a major crisis in the US and around the world, as the world is so tightly connected. At the same time, cutting off the Russian Federation in this case is a boon for the Russian economy, since it is now less tied to the processes that are now taking place in the United States, ”TASS quotes the deputy.

In his opinion, the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) will soon take measures to mitigate the consequences of bankruptcies and issue dollars, but the issuance of unsecured funds, coupled with significant existing debt, will lead to even more tension, but not in Russia, since it has been cut off from global financial bubble.

“Our Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance are pursuing a reasonable policy, despite the pressure of State Duma deputies and the public, and the demands to finance various projects with printed money, they do not go for it. Therefore, such consequences are not expected for our economy,” Aksakov noted, explaining that we had a situation similar to the United States in 1998, when a default occurred. At the same time, the parliamentarian expressed the opinion that the Fed will not allow a repetition of the 2008 crisis scenario and will take tough measures by printing additional funds.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also commented on the plans of the US authorities to stabilize the situation in the financial markets. In her opinion, Washington will try to solve this problem with “paper and paint”, that is, with an additional unsecured emission of funds.

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