Home News Air India bans flight attendants from having gray hair and bald patches

Air India bans flight attendants from having gray hair and bald patches


The rules for Indian flight attendants of Air India have been tightened dramatically. And we are talking about compliance with certain parameters of appearance, not only during working hours. So, for example, employees were banned from gray hair.

“Employees were told that they could not have gray hair, receding hairline and casual clothes, even if they were flying as a passenger and not as staff”writes The Sun.

The booklet with the new rules has 40 pages. It states that gray hair should be painted over, and not with henna, but flight attendants with bald patches need to put their thinning hair in order every day. It is forbidden to use perfume with a strong aroma, but it is prescribed to use deodorant.

Women are now not allowed to wear jewelry, so as not to linger at customs, men – “strange” socks. They should be no longer or shorter than the calf and match the color of the trousers. Airline employees also cannot have idle conversations with colleagues and appear in front of everyone with plastic bags, purchases from duty free.

“Some people think it’s necessary for the airline’s image, but I think it’s too much”— one of the employees shared his opinion about the new rules.


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