Against the backdrop of road repairs in Tyumen, the situation with traffic jams has deteriorated sharply

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Seasonal road repairs in Tyumen have led to traffic jams on the main thoroughfares of the city. This was reported to URA.RU by local motorists who contacted the editorial office.

“In the mornings and evenings, there is real chaos on the roads of Tyumen: there are a lot of traffic jams. And not only on the main streets, but in general everywhere. I think it’s because of road repairs. Because somewhere they blocked one lane for traffic, and a traffic jam immediately appears, ”said one of the Tyumen motorists in a conversation with URA.RU.

Another motorist also reported that traffic congestion on the roads of Tyumen began to occur more frequently. “It is clear that the main volume of road repair work is done at night, but road workers, as a rule, also repair something during the day. This causes traffic jams. Many in the mornings began to be late for work more often, ”said the Tyumen resident in an interview with the agency.

The regional department of the State traffic inspectorate told the agency that the number of traffic congestion in Tyumen had indeed increased, but not due to repair work. “Basically, traffic jams occur in the evenings, when people who have moved outside the city for the summer return from work along the so-called “cottage roads”. We don’t have much repair work on the roads yet. There is, for example, one site in the area of ​​st. Republic, but there, in general, the situation is even, ”the press service of the UGIBDD in the Tyumen region told URA.RU.

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