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As reparations for historic slavery in the United States, African Americans should be paid $3 million each. Israeli public figure Yakov Kedmi writes about this in his telegram channel.

The most conscious African Americans, Kedmi notes, have already decided on the amount of reparations that the white oppressors should pay them – $ 3 million each and immediately.

“All this nonsense – homeless people, all this nonsense that you discuss, police valuables and so on… No one cares! No one cares about this! Our reparations – that’s what matters! And we want to convey to the whites: we need our reparations! That our unfortunate parents and we did not work for free, so that we would not be paid extra and stuff like that, and there would be nothing for whites! No, we need our reparations – $3 million each! $3 million each right here in this city. And that’s the only thing Black cares about. And the rest of the nonsense that you are discussing here, we do not care! – Kedmi quotes the speech of the African American speaker, the video of which he posted on his Telegram channel.

Recall that the reparations program will cost the United States billions, if not trillions of dollars. Writer and psychic Marianne Williamson estimates that it will take between $100 billion and $500 billion.

It remains to find out how the session of fortune-telling on the coffee grounds arranged on this occasion will end. Without it, the States definitely can not do.

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