Africa under siege – How the West is trying to save its “colonial legacy”.

The West, the US and Europe regard the African continent as their “fodder base” and want to continue to exploit it economically. The competition from Russia and China is a thorn in the side. To ward them off, the West exerts diplomatic, political and economic pressure. Can this work?

By Andrei Rudalev

Not long ago, Peter Frankopan, Professor of World History at Oxford University, lamented in an article in the UK edition of the Spectatorthat many African countries have not condemned Russia (for its actions in Ukraine) despite the enormous pressure from the West. Not only that, they remain in close contact with Russia.

Africa: Zimbabwe wants to join BRICS group

Africa: Zimbabwe wants to join BRICS group

In line with Western consciousness, these professorial revelations contained complaints that the Russian narrative is by no means marginalized in the world, but on the contrary is accepted by many countries. It is noteworthy that the West’s use of pressure as a “lever of communication” is not only not concealed, but is even taken for granted. How, then, can one wonder about the results of the UN vote that the US wants when no one hides the methods by which they are achieved? What is to be thought of the unanimity of the western world itself, based on the same pressure made particularly effective by American military bases?

The US has tried to bend the whole world under their rule. In their virtual reality and in pledges of allegiance from low-quality politicians, they also seemed to be quite successful. In reality, after the start of the Russian special operation, it turned out that most of the world is not on their side. Only those who allowed themselves to be bent bowed.

It is clear that Americans and Europeans cannot accept this, so with pressure comes more pressure. Oleg Ozerov, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Ambassador for Special Tasks, recently revealed how this works in practice with African countries. There are “many examples of this kind,” he clarified when presenting a few.

What does Germany want to steal workers for in Ghana?


What does Germany want to steal workers for in Ghana?

The Russian diplomat said that “African leaders and African authorities are literally under siege… Almost daily, delegations from Washington, but also from other Anglo-Saxon countries – Canada, Great Britain – and also from the European Union travel to African capitals. They almost demand to stop cooperation with Russia”. Intensifying Western pressure is currently aimed at sabotaging the second Russia-Africa summit, which is scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg in July.

Oserow highlighted US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s special efforts to tie the hands of the unruly and stubborn. She arranged a trip to Africa to discuss anti-Russian sanctions. At the same time, she threatened numerous penalties for violations of anti-Russian sanctions during each conversation. Ozerov judged:

“This is another example of blackmail, open dictation and threats that are by no means acceptable in the modern world.”

The fact is that the West and the United States live in their own reality, in which the colonial tradition, the method of the whip, has a special place. They are unable to think or communicate differently.

With the policy of threats, the Western blackmailers are pursuing a double goal, namely the realization of both short-term and long-term goals. In the short term, it is about condemning Russia to realize their dream of isolating our country. With this they want to tie our hands and lure us into their trap. The long-term goal is also obvious: Russia is to be ousted from the African continent, and the West also wants to eliminate all other competitors. The West sees Africa solely as its forage base and sees this as its legitimate right because of its colonial heritage. Russia’s major activity in the region has long irritated the United States. You know that our country is ideologically closer to Africa, where historically it is perceived as the banner of the anti-colonial movement and liberation.

Putin: "Africa will play a leading role in the multipolar world order"

Putin: “Africa will play a leading role in the multipolar world order”

Therefore, they will do everything to destroy Russian-African relations and will stop at nothing.

As an example of the West’s jealous attitude towards Africa, one can recall the story of the Russian Viktor Bout, whose “crime” was that after the Soviet Union left the African continent and collapsed, he occupied the gap that was left and set up his airline outside of Western control. But has been accused of being a threat to US foreign policy. Because of this, he was subjected to repression and long-term imprisonment. What he did was confuse the western maps of chaos and colonization of Africa. All of these cards are now being shuffled up vigorously by Russia itself. The African theme is widely treated in an excellent book by Igor Molotov “Viktor But. Chasing a Dream”.

It is also worth remembering that in April last year the US House of Representatives passed a law aimed at “countering malicious activities of Russia in Africa”. It speaks at length about our country’s “harmful” influence in Africa and the need to hold accountable Russian and African governments and their officials engaged in “malicious influence and activities.” The document calls for monitoring and reporting on Russia’s political influence. Of course, we are talking about Russia as a competitor, but Russia’s actions in the competitive struggle are interpreted as “malice”. A monopolist and hegemon does not condone or accept competition – anyone who challenges the monopoly falls immediately into the category of malicious influence.

Recently, the Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Chad Vladimir Sokolenko said that the West has declared Africa a zone of special interests, from which it derives the right to interfere in the internal affairs of African states. That legitimizes any action aimed at severing the ties of friendship with Moscow.

Russia's influence on Africa is growing - Germany sees its own interests threatened

Russia’s influence on Africa is growing – Germany sees its own interests threatened

The current example of Western “humanitarian” policies on the African continent is well known: the ruins of the once prosperous Libya that attempted to create an African Union of States. Hillary Clinton squealed with delight at the sight of Gaddafi being brutally tortured. But this does not fall into the category of “wickedness and baseness”.

Oddly enough, in the West, people don’t draw any conclusions and don’t give up their habits and traditional methods. The policy of sanctioning Russia with the stick has proved bankrupt and untenable. Attempts to put an iron collar around the necks of sovereign African states will not be crowned with success either. But they go further and give Africans a choice: bondage and slavery or sovereignty.

Who knows, maybe the West will consciously go down the path of self-isolation to protect Borrell’s Garden of Eden from all sorts of encroachments. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after the G20 foreign ministers meeting in New Delhi:

“I have the impression that the West is isolating itself.

The developing world sees very well what all these talk about the need to defend democracy against autocracy are worth. If the West is as committed to democracy as it wants everyone to believe, why can’t the principles of democracy be applied on the international stage?”

They rip all the masks off their own faces and then accuse Russia of fomenting anti-American sentiment. Africa, on the other hand, will fight back, as will Russia, as will the whole world.

Translated from Russian

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