Pakistan, which was immersed in the magnificence of Taliban till some time ago, has now started wrangling with Taliban as well. Pakistan is not allowing Afghans to enter their country from its border. The condition is that people standing near the border waiting to enter Pakistan have started dying of dehydration. Spin Boldak has reports of some people dying after Islamabad did not give permission to the Afghans. From this border, Pakistan is allowing only those who have an identity card of Pakistan or Kandahar to return to their country. Let us tell you that spin bowling is considered a very important limit internationally.

Last month, in a rush to enter Pakistan, a young man was killed near a Pakistani checkpost. However, those who are continuously patrolling this border claim that many people died of dehydration and heart stroke in the last few weeks. These people could not even get medical facilities on the spot.
The ‘New York Post’ has told in a report that two more Afghans have died near Mazal Gate. A female eyewitness told that, I entered Pakistan in search of a doctor. The doctor returned me saying that there was an operation to be done. But they are not allowing us.

Another eyewitness told that it is very difficult. Pakistan is not allowing anyone. They are not accepting the identity card of the Afghan nation. On this issue, Mohammad Sadiq, the authority in-charge of the Kandahar border area, said, ‘Pakistan is creating problems. Our understanding with Pakistan was that they would allow the people of Kandahar to cross Pakistan. In return, the people of Chaman and Quetta can come here by showing the ID of Afghanistan.
Let us tell you that the Taliban has already appealed to Pakistan to open its borders on the basis of humanity.



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